Dmitry Uzinsky: «We won’t be complacent»

Loko captain analyzed the fifth game of the series with CSKA (85-68 and 3-2 in the series) and told how the team will prepare for the sixth game.
Was it hard to keep the lead in Game 5 of the semifinals?
– We tried not to relax; our coach reminded us at every pause to stay focused. We knew that if CSKA started to shoot and get a feel for the game, it would be very hard to stop them. So we tried to keep everything under control. At one point it was especially hard, but we managed to keep it together.
CSKA scored at an unusually low percentage in this game...
– We tried to hold them as tightly as possible. Our guys were very good; they came out fired up and worked hard from the first second, showing that we came here for a win.
After such a confident victory won't you feel complacent before the sixth game?
– There's no complacency; on the contrary, our concentration is even stronger. All we need to do is the last step, the most difficult one. We will be very focused and try to win at home to please our fans.
What did the coach say after the match?
– Some things must stay inside the locker room (smiles).
And how is the mood of the Loko players?
– We won on the road and even more so against a very tough opponent. Of course, the mood is good: everyone is happy and wants to continue to please our fans.
Do you manage to recover properly with all these marathon trips?
– We have an excellent medical staff, everything is excellent. Yes, we have time to recover as they should. We will be fully ready for the sixth match.
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