Anton Kvitkovskikh: «Our character helped us»

The Loko forward commented on the victory over CSKA in the fifth game of the semifinal series (85-68, 3-2).
How unusual was it to lead the game so confidently against CSKA?
– Why unusual? CSKA is just like any other opponent. When you come out on the court it's not so important how many games you've won so far. The most important thing is that we were able to show our game: good defense and team ball movement, and that paid off.
fter the break, CSKA came out firing and were close to tying the game. What helped you stop the Army team's momentum?
– Probably thanks to our character. Our defense: In a couple of chances we were able to stop them and score. That helped us mentally.
At what point did you realize that Loko had won the fifth game?
– About three minutes before the end. We had a big lead and we played in such a way that they didn't have a chance to get back into the game. That's how it turned out.
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