Happy birthday, Critter!

The mascot of Lokomotiv-Kuban turns 12 years old today. Everyone can congratulate him personally!

Critter made his debut on October 15, 2011 at the Eurocup match, in which Loko hosted Polish Prokom (and, by the way, won – 79:66).

To what biological (or maybe alien) species Critter belongs is not known. But we do know that he changes his appearance from time to time. Originally, he was a red ….

…with incredible marksmanship…

…and a peculiar eating habits.

As a result of this diet, Nibbler suddenly turned green.

He stopped eating pretty girls.

…but he retained his phenomenal marksmanship.

One day, he tried to have an affair.

But then he had to go into quarantine.

After the quarantine, something subtly changed in Nibbler’s appearance. Nevertheless, everyone continued to love him – sometimes literally to the point of speechlessness.

Who knows what he’ll surprise us with today?

By the way, you can check it out for yourself. Critter invites everyone to his birthday – come to 14:30 at the “Foodmarket” (176 Krasnaya St., TC “Center of the City”). There today there will be a collective viewing of the away match Uralmash – Lokomotiv-Kuban. And surprises from the birthday boy!

Подробности тут.

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