Aleksandar Sekulich: “We are doing everything possible for DeVaughn to play with Uralmash”

Loko will play their 4th game in the VTB United League 2023/24 in Ekaterinburg tomorrow against Uralmash. Kickoff is at 15.15 Moscow time.

Ekaterinburg before the weekend was not only the capital of the Sverdlovsk region, but also the Russian basketball capital. The main conference on the development of the country’s basketball industry opened here.

“Expobasket” is two days of panel discussions and reports, more than fifty speakers and 300 leading experts. And also Lokomotiv-Kuban with the Lokobasket-School League project.

Andrei Pakhutko, the director of the championship, spoke about the 16-year experience of holding one of the largest school competitions in the country.

During the conference days Loko made another trip with transfers, stops and overnight stays. To arrive at the match with Uralmash, they had to travel the Krasnodar-Stavropol-Moscow-Yekaterinburg route. But the club provides logistics for the team in accordance with the wishes of the coaches and medical staff – so that the players did not waste their energy on the road and came to the match as ready as possible.

The smiles on the players’ faces during the training session on the day of their arrival in Ekaterinburg are proof of that. The training session was evening local time, but Moscow time – right on the schedule of tomorrow’s match with the Uralians. The game will start on October 15 at 15:15 Moscow time.

Alexander Sekulich - head coach of PBC Lokomotiv-Kuban

Fans are in for an interesting match. "Uralmash" has put together a great lineup, they have a strong team and they show very high quality basketball. They are energized by their defenders, and when the bigs start playing at full strength, when the bench helps, they are dangerous for any opponent, and their away win over Zenit is proof of that. But we are well prepared for the match, we will use their vulnerabilities to win. DeVaughn Akun-Purcell also flew in with us. The medical staff and Alejandro (Garcia - physical trainer) are doing everything they can to make sure that Dap is ready to go on the court in the next game.

As a reminder, the club has organized a joint viewing of the live broadcast of the game with fans in Krasnodar (details HERE). The game will be available for viewing at, as well as on the air of our media partners – Krasnodar TVC.

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