Alexander Scherbenyov: “Such victories add motivation”

The Loko guard scored 13 points in the game against IBA (79-71) and became the best on his team in terms of efficiency index (21).
– Why did you win today?
- Due to the fact that we fought as a team. Not everything, of course, we do well at the start of the season. But we believe in what we are doing, in the coach's policy, we are working on our mistakes, we are progressing. Our basketball isn't perfect yet, but we're cleaning it up. And such victories give us motivation, help us realize that we are on the right path and we need to move forward.
- What instructions did the coach gave you during the big break?
- Coach said to defend. Everything from the defense! Add a little energy, aggression, run - play the game that brought us results last season. And we fulfilled the coach's plan - of course, far from perfect, but it was enough to win today. This is the most important thing.
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