Jaylen Barford: «It will be a tough game against Nizhny»

After several losses at the start of the season «Lokomotiv Kuban» is gradually getting better – and so does Barford. Right now he is the team's best scorer and assistant. We spoke to the shooting guard after the training that took place on the last day of October.
– Are there any Halloween traditions in Loko?
– No, not really. I mean, I know it's Halloween today. Nobody come with no mask, so I guess we're regularly in practice.
– What's the coolest thing that you have done for Halloween?
– I love candy, so I go to trick or treat. You know, just have fun with friends and party.
– Well, let's speak about Nizhny Novgorod. Last season, they won all four games in regular season, but in playoffs Loko swept them. How do you think will the next game go?
– I think it will be a hard-fought tough game. I think they're pretty much one of our rivals in the league. We always go down to the wire. They're a good, respected team. They've got good players. So, we'll see. We're playing in a facility, so it'll be a little tougher because the court is smaller. I think we should just stick to our game plan. And we'll be all right.
– How does the atmosphere inside the team change after Zenit and then after Samara?
– You know, everybody's a little bit happier. We're a little bit more relaxed. I feel like we've got that monkey off our shoulders after, I think, two or maybe three straight losses. So, we're doing really good. Having great energy right now. Just trying to keep getting better and better, get more wins.
– There are a lot of surprising results this season. For example, Astana won two in a row. Are you surprised by these results?
– No, not really. I mean, everybody's got a pretty balanced team. Everybody can play well. They've got good pieces, good role players on their team. So, everybody's pretty balanced this year. I think it's a great year. Better than last year, actually. Because, I mean, like you said, Astana, they've got a surprise team. The new team, Uralmash, is doing good and running really well. So, everybody's playing good right now. I think it's going to be interesting.
– Will it be okay for Loko to play in the facility, not at the main arena?
– Yeah, it should be. It must be practice here instead of basketball. So, we should be used to the rims and the feel of the court. It'll be difficult for opposing team, but it'll be to our advantage.
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