Aleksander Sekulić: «Pari NN is especially dangerous now»

The head coach of Lokomotiv Kuban explained his view on the forthcoming match that is scheduled on November, 4th.
– What do you expect of Pari Nizhny Novgorod?
– There are two things about them that we need to respect. They are a really hard-working team, they really play hard. They push you to play to your limits. And the other thing we must respect is their losing streak. They lost three games, so they're going to have some kind of reaction. And we need to be ready for this.
– Four players of Nizhny missed two previous games. How will it affect their way of playing?
– It's hard to say how it will affect. For sure it affects them like it affects us. We started the season without two players. For both teams, every player you miss, it's a big disadvantage. Which makes them even more dangerous. Because there are other players who want to step up, show that they can play, they can substitute the missing players. Nizhny are not in an easy situation. But like I said, this is our job to find a way to overcome the problems we have. But to be honest, we really don't focus too much on them. We want to focus on our game, to perform in the best possible way in this game.
– Does Loko already show 100% of the game that you want to see?
– No, we don't. I believe that we have so much reserve. Both hands, offensively and defensively. We have huge room to improve, space to improve. That's why I say we need to keep on working on our game instead of focusing on our opponents.
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