DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell: «We just did what we were supposed to»

Loko’ forward scored 21 points against Pari NN (89:64) thus becoming the top scorer of the game.
– The victory over Pari Nizhniy Novgorod looked pretty easy, but how did it feel on the court?
– I won't say that it was easy. I think we just followed the game plan and did what we were supposed to and didn't really make too many mistakes defensively and when we did, we made up for each other. I think our biggest fault this game was probably offensive rebound, but I think we kind of controlled it more in the second half.
– You scored 21 points today. No threes, but a lot of acrobatic lay-ups. Was this a part of the game plan?
– I was just basically taking what the defense was giving me and was getting to the basket. The lane was open and I would drive if they collapsed, I'd kick. If not, I'd lift or float or something.
– Is it hard to stay focused when you lead by 15 points or so for most of the game?
– It's not hard. That's a team that never gives up, so you just have to stay locked in the entire game for 40 minutes.
– In about a week, Loko is going to play CSKA – the team that haven’t lost a single game this season. What do you expect from this game?
– We play Astana next. So, I'm not even worried about CSKA.
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