Okaro White gets the “Performer of the day” award

VTB United League awarded Okaro White the “Performer of the day” title. Loko’ forward scored 27 points against CSKA (91:88) including 5 successful 3-pointers.

We asked Okaro about how did he manage to achieve this result and how hard was it to guard CSKA’s Casper Ware.

– How does it feel to beat the leader?
– It feels good. It was a good game against a good team, undefeated team. I think it was number one in the league. But we always have a battle with them. We have the upper hand. So, it was good to come here and win. It was a good crowd tonight and ready to win the next game.
– You were guarding Casper Ware and did it well. Did you have such an experience before?
– I've guarded Steph Curry. So, I'm not going to lie: Casper, it was normal for me. Normal. I could guard anybody on the court I feel like at all times, whether it's VTB League, EuroLeague, NBA. It doesn't matter. So, I'm good on that.
– You made four threes in the 1st quarter. Was it a decision of yours? Or the coach told you to do that?
– It was just me. This morning practiced shoot around at this arena. And my shot felt really good. So, I just let it fly and they were going in tonight.
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