Aleksander Sekulić: “Playing against CSKA always gives extra motivation”

Loko’ head coach is speaking on his expectations of tomorrow game versus current leader of VTB United League – CSKA.
– CSKA is a special opponent, at least for the fans because they’ve bought all the tickets for today’s game. Is there a kind of spirit of a big game for the team, for the players?
– We try to approach every game in the same way. But for sure it's not the same when you play CSKA. Knowing what kind of team they are, there's always some extra motivation.
– Do you expect some extra support at that game?
– Every game we play at home, we have amazing support. The atmosphere that fans create is just something that gives you even more energy. So, we are looking forward for this game.
– In several previous games, Loko’s opponents played with very short roster – 7 or 8 players. In CSKA, every single one of their 12 has enough quality and experience to play big minutes. Will it bring some difficulties for Loko?
– Okay, it's not just that they have full squad, they have a really quality team, good team. So, the most important thing for us will be how we're going to play. It's not important what kind of roster will CSKA use. We know that they are very motivated, and we are going to be ready for that.
– Loko have won six games in a row. What kind of impact does it have on the team? Does it help or does it bring some pressure?
– A winning streak always helps to build confidence, to go into the next game with knowing that we are doing good things. But on the other hand, we cannot let ourselves get into the comfort zone or think that we accomplished something big. Because we haven't accomplished a single thing, the league is still in the full swing. So, we tend not to relax, not to get comfortable. We must get into every next game as powerful as possible.
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