Jurica Žuža: “We need to play against Runa with a defensive mindset”

Croatian coach will replace Alexander Sekulić for tomorrow’s game against Runa. We asked Žuža to analyze the opponent.
– Tell us about Runa. What are their strengths?
– First of all, Runa is an experienced team. There is Nikola Ivanovic, there is Alex Tyus, who has a Euroleague experience. Also, there is Jeremiah Hill, who for many years has been in the VTB United League. And there are two young players, Cameron Young and Juvan Morgan. So, for sure we need to pay attention to these five guys. They also have Ilya Popov, who plays very good now. So, we respect them. Runa is a different team when playing at home. We know this. And we were preparing for this game for the last couple of days. We need to come out tomorrow with a defensive mindset.
– How important is this game for Loko?
– For us, every game is important. Especially now, before the start of the Top-6. We have some defeats. Let's say Nizhnyi Novgorod. We shouldn't have lost this game. We had everything in our hands. We gave them a win in the last minute. So, we need to win other games somehow to replace the ones we’ve lost. And of course, we should not be in sports if we are not thinking of winning every game. Everybody needs to have hope that they can be in the first place.
– Shall we see a new player in the upcoming game?
– As far as I know from our sports director, Ndour is successfully registered. He has the right to play tomorrow. So, we welcome Maurice in Loko. If he will play, we will decide tomorrow.
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