Maurice Ndour: “It’s been a great atmosphere in Loko”

As a full-fledged member of Lokomotiv-Kuban PBC, Maurice Ndour arrived to Moscow with the team. He may have his debut for Loko at Saturday. And here is his first interview to the club’s press office.
– What are your impressions of Lokomotiv-Kuban?
– I mean, great guys, man. So far what I've seen is they love to come to work. They've been helping me a lot since I got here. So just a great group of guys. It's been a great atmosphere, to be real.
– Have you been acquainted to some of our players before?
– Some of the players I knew. Dap – I mean DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell – I played with him when I was in Galatasaray, so a familiar face.
– Before joining Loko, did you call any of your friends to know more about the club?
– Errick McCollum told me about the club, about the organization. So far that's the only guy that I spoke to. Nothing bad to say about the club. Everything has been positive; everything has been good. I'm extremely grateful for their professionalism, to be honest.
– What did coaches tell you about your role in the team?
– I think they know what I can do. I think everybody knows what I bring to a team. The defense is going to be there for sure, and offensively it's just… flow. Just read the offense, it's nothing that I haven't done before. Play without the ball, play also with the ball on the low post, so nothing new.
– What are your personal goals in the season?
– I honestly don't have any personal goals. I think my personal goal is aligned with the team's goals, which is to win at the end of the day. The greatest satisfaction that I can have is knowing that I'm on the team and we won the championship. For me that's the greatest achievement. It's not going to be easy, but it's possible. I think we've got a great team here that can go and take it. But like I said, step by step, the first is to take care of the win next game, tomorrow.
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