Andrey Martyuk: “We were ready for Runa’s chase”

The Loko’ center answered several questions at the press conference after the away win over Runa (80:74).
– What are your emotions over today's game?
– We started quite well, built a big lead at the end of the 1st quarter, then fell a little short, but managed to make the game even. We made a lot of passes and won a lot of offensive rebounds. That helped us to get the win.
– Today the first stage of the tournament ended for Loko. What can you say about your results?
– There were ups and downs, the season didn't start very well, but then the coach put us on the right path and we reached the third place. Of course, we want to get to the top. So, its good that the tournament is not over yet.
– Did Runa surprise you today? Or they did something that you expected?
– We expect from every opponent that they will play well. So, when Runa began to chase us, we were ready and weren't shocked.
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