Okaro White: “We managed to stop Runa’s run at the crucial moment”

The Loko’ forward performed very well in the match against Runa (80:74): 24 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists.
– Loko started the game with a good run, allowing the opponent to score very few. Why did it end up in the clutch?
– Because Runa is a good team. They have a lot of experienced players. And we lost our concentration at some point. But basketball is a game of runs. We managed to stop their run at the crucial moment. And have won.
– What can you say about the results of Loko after the first part of the tournament?
– I think we’re doing good. We lost some matches that we shouldn’t lose. But we still start the second part on a good position.
– What are your goals for the second part of the season?
– In theory, we can even get on top. But the fight for second place is a more realistic goal. The opponents in the “Top 6” are quite equal and strong, so it will be very interesting, and it will not be easy to win a single game at this stage. But we have already beaten everyone except PARMA, so our goal stays the same – victory in every next match.
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