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Martyuk is drafted under #1 for All-Star Game!

At the ceremony of forming the rosters for the VTB United League All-Star Game, Loko' center Andrey Martyuk was chosen ahead of all other participants.

On February 4 in Moscow, after the match CSKA – UNICS, the VTB United League held a draft for the All-Star Game. Coaches Velimir Perasović and Emil Rajković took turns selecting players from a list of 24 people, which was formed based on voting by fans, the sports press, coaching staffs and the league itself.

Perasović was the first to choose and, without any hesitation, drafted Andrey Martyuk.

Andrey Martyuk, center of PBC Lokomotiv-Kuban, first pick of the All-Star Game-2024 draft

That day we were returning to Krasnodar after the match with Runa. We had a plane, then a train, and I completely forgot about the All-Star Game draft. And suddenly everyone started congratulating me. Well, what can I say? That’s cool. Thanks to the fans, whose votes helped me get to this event. And thanks to Velimir Perasović for valuing me so highly. I hope to see as many Lokomotiv-Kuban fans as possible in the stands of the VTB Arena at the All-Star Game. It will be fun.

Martyuk’s partners in “Perasović Team” will be:
· Trent Fraser (Zenit);
· Jeremiah Martin (Yenisei);
· Jeremiah Hill (Runa);
· Isaiah Reese (PARMA);
· Mikhail Kulagin (Samara);
· Anton Glazunov (Uralmash);
· Anton Astapkovich (CSKA);
· Amate M’Baye (CSKA);
· BJ Johnson (PARMA);
· Octavius Ellis (Uralmash);
· Jalen Reynolds (UNICS).

Another representative of Lokomotiv-Kuban at the All-Star Game, DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell, was selected to “Rajković Team”, where he will be accompanied by the following players:
· Casper Ware (CSKA);
· Xavier Rathan-Mayes (Yenisei);
· Thomas Heurtel (Zenit);
· Markell Johnson (Astana, he replaced Nenad Dimitrijević, who was called up to the North Macedonia national team);
· Dmitry Kulagin (UNICS);
· Alexander Platunov (PARMA);
· Andrey Vorontsevich (Pari Nizhny Novgorod);
· Andrey Lopatin (MBA);
· Vince Hunter (Zenit);
· Royce Hamm (Astana);
· Rayshawn Hammonds (Avtodor).

The All-Star Game will take place on February 18 in Moscow at the “VTB Arena”. Tickets are on sale here.

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