Aleksander Sekulić: “We struggled to score today”

The head coach of Loko commented on the result of the Winline match of the Russian Cup, in which the Krasnodar team defeated Uralmash (78:68), but this was not enough to advance to the next round.
– What can you say about the result?
– Unfortunately, our efforts were not enough today. I can praise our defense, it was good, despite some mistakes. But in attack everything was very difficult for us: we missed from the free-throw line and from behind the three-point line. The opponent, on the contrary, scored his long shots at the most important moments – I would call this the main reason that we do not advance further. When you need to outplay 13 points, you have to make open shots.
– Before the middle of the 3rd quarter and after, it was like two different Lokos, the first of which looked much more powerful. What is the reason for this change?
– When we were leading by 20 points, we started making substitutions to freshen our lineup. But we lost our rhythm as a result.
– How will this result affect the team’s preparation for the away match with Zenit on February 11?
– I hope we respond correctly and everyone learns the right lessons from this.
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