Alexander Shcherbenev: “We’ve lost this two-game stand in Yekaterinburg”

The Loko’ guard talked about his emotions on the Winline Russian Cup match against Uralmash (78:68, 145:148 on aggregate).
– What was the key moment today?
– Probably in the 3rd quarter when we were ahead by 20 points, but we let them get back into the game and feel their rhythm. We shouldn't have done this; we should have further increased our advantage.
– Did Uralmash show anything beyond what you expected from them today?
– I wouldn’t say so... But I congratulate Uralmash on reaching the Final Four. They fought hard and fully deserved it. As for us, we will review this game, make some conclusions... I think we lost the series not today, but in Yekaterinburg. Today we gave everything to win. Unfortunately, it didn't work out.
– How do you like the fans today?
– They were great! Thanks to everyone who supports us. It’s a pity that we couldn’t please our fans with reaching the Final Four, but I believe that our biggest victories are ahead.
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