Dmitry Uzinsky: “We are angry and hungry for victory”

Loko' captain told of his expectation on the upcoming game vs Zenit.
– What are Zenit's strengths and who are their best players?
– They are strong overall and have a lot of good players, so it makes no sense to point out some of them personally. They have two equally strong players in each position, so we prepare for everyone.
– Do you keep in mind that Zenit finished the first stage with a lot of losses?
– I think they are very eager to redeem themselves, especially in front of their fans. Therefore, we expect them to play aggressively both in defense and in attack.
– Did you have enough time to prepare for the game? As a captain, what can you say about the state of your team?
– The fact that we are eliminated from the Winline Russian Cup makes us angrier. So, we are angry and hungry for victory. We want to show our best to get the victory.
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