Aleksander Sekulić: “Each new mistake unsettled us more and more”

The head coach of Loko commented on the defeat by Zenit (67:106).
– What can you say about what happened on the court?
– Unfortunately, Zenit was better than us in each half of the game. We couldn't find our offensive game and towards the end of the match we completely fell apart.
– Why was the attacking percentage so bad today?
– I don't know. We created good shooting opportunities. But each new mistake unsettled us more and more, and our productivity continued to decline.
– What can you say about Okaro White’s suspension?
– I didn't see what happened there. But White is a key player in our formations, and without him it became much harder for us.
– How does Maurice Ndour's adapt?
– It’s hard for every player to adapt when he joins a team mid-season. Now we are traveling a lot, so we do not have enough time to train together. I hope we use our time wisely in the pause and Maurice will adapt fast. We really need a player with the qualities he has.
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