DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell: “It feels fantastic to became the All-star game MVP”

Loko forward shared his emotions after the end of the VTB United League All-Star Game, in which he scored 44 points and got the Most Valuable Player award.
– Congratulations on the award! What did you feel when you received the MVP title?
– I’m speechless! It's just fantastic to get the award in my first All-Star Game!
– Another fantastic thing is your scoring performance today – 44 points, despite the high level of competition in attack in your team. What kind of championship meal did you eat before the game?
– Spaghetti, as usual (laughs). But seriously, with the first hits I gained confidence, the ball began to fly in, as if the basket had become huge. So, I started to throw without any hesitation.
– And what about the Best dunk competition? You made a great start, but then something went wrong…
– Oh, no comments, please… The things didn’t happen as I wanted to.

– In the 3rd quarter, Andrei Martiuk dunked a poster over you. Did he do that intentionally?
– Yes, I’m 100% sure (laughs). But I deserved that. I was trash-talking him the whole game. As a brother, of course! I said he will lose, and this really angered him. Nevertheless, I congratulate Andrei. Their team was good today.

– This is your first All-Star Game in your professional career. How will you remember it?
– A great holiday that gave me incredible emotions. Everything went just great, I’m happy that I was invited, and everything happened the way it happened.
– What else do you do during the pause in the league games?
– I am rested, and ready for the second stage of the tournament now. We are looking forward to the next matches.
– Do you want to say something to Lokofamily?
– For sure! Thank you guys for being with us, for supporting me so much. Love you!

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