Jurica Žuža: “Everything goes according to the plan”

Loko’ assistant coach, who’s being in charge while Aleksander Sekulić is off for Eurobasket qualifiers, told us about how does the Krasnodar team prepare for the second part of the VTB United league season.
– What goes on on Loko' training sessions at the moment?
– Today we have a day off. Three days before we did what we’ve planned. Guys arrived ready, foreigners and Russians. Okaro White had some problem in the first day with the jetlag, but he's okay now. Maurice Ndour is getting better and better in shape. We have two guys from the Superliga training with us – Vadim Orekhov and Vladimir Zabolotnev. They are helping us really good. We are happy how they react. So, now we are waiting for the national team players. And since then, we are going to our regular basketball practice.
– When will Aleksander Sekulić join?
– He is having one more Eurobasket qualifier game at February 25, so, I think at 27th he will be here in Krasnodar. Till then, we will do everything according to the plan. We have the system, we know what we need to do, how to prepare the team. And we are just going to work on this. Everything is fine.
– What are the main points of practicing now?
– It's a bit like pre-season camp now. Because players were like seven days without practice. So, we are trying to bring them back in shape. Alejandro Garcia is doing his part on their physical conditions. We, basketball coaches, are doing our part. So the main thing is now to bring the shape back as soon as possible. We are getting ready for our two next away games. Especially, you know, for UNICS. This is our main point now. Let's hope that we will avoid some problems, some injuries. That is the most important thing now.
– Have you seen the All-star Game?
– No. I was in Croatia and needed a little bit of time to enjoy with my family. But I know everything what happened. I congratulated Akoon-Purcell for his MVP. Everybody said that it was a really good show, as always. I know that VTB United League always organizes very good All-star Games.
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