Alexander Shcherbenev: “It was a useful experience, and we will only get better”

The Loko’ guard scored 6 points and made 4 assists for the Russian national team in today's friendly match against Samara BC (77:78, ET). We asked Alexander to evaluate the game – his personal, and the team’s as a whole.
– What wasn’t enough to win this game?
– The percentage of open shot scoring, probably. We had some good throwing opportunities, even in extra time, but we missed too much. And we should have defended better too, not letting Samara get back into the game. Overall, we played not bad, but losing 12 points lead is unacceptable.
– What can you say about your own performance?
– I know I can do much better. There is a lot to work on. And that’s exactly what I’ll do when I return to Krasnodar.
– At the end of the 2nd quarter, you scored 5 points in one possession. Did you ever do anything like this before?
– Nope. It happened quite unusually.
– You spent the decisive minutes of the 4th quarter and the entire extra time on the court. Didn't you feel pressured by responsibility?
– Not at all. I wanted to win and help the team as much as I can. I felt confident and supported by the coach, so I did everything possible to get the victory. Unfortunately, we were a little short of luck and execution in the end. But I am sure that this is a useful experience, and we will only get better in the future.
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