Kirill Yelatontsev: “We intend to win our next games”

The Loko’ center speaks about his voyage to the Russian national team, his training with Maurice Ndour and the overall atmosphere in the Krasnodar team.
– How was it to you in the national team?
– It was good. We had friendly and joyful atmosphere. The training not so intense, we just focused on understanding different tactical interactions and so on.
– Was it your first time at Zoran Lukić' team?
– No, it was my second time. I’ve also been to an introductory camp a year ago.
– How do you like the performance of Alexander Shcherbenev in the match of the Russian national team against Samara BC?
– Overall good. He made fine assists and scored well a couple of times. Especially when he hit 3+2 in one attack.
– Maurice Ndour said in a recent interview that the level of centers has grown very much in the VTB United league since he was here five years ago. And then he praised you in particular.
– Oh, I think this is because we play in the same group during our training sessions, we have a lot of interaction, maybe that’s why he named me.
– And what can you say about Ndour's level?
– In terms of skills, everything is fine with him. Also, he’s a good guy, cheerful, energetic, he always supports us during us in training, helps us wherever with his experience, so I’d say he’s a good player.
– How is the mood in Loko now?
– Kind of working mood. We are focused on our next games. We know that it will not be easy, so the mood is as serious as possible. We intend to win.
– Did you manage to rest during this break?
– Well, we had one day off. Therefore, I tried to recover properly so that I could start working with renewed vigor.
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