Aleksander Sekulić: “Our goals require big dedication”

The Loko’ head coach joined the team upon returning from the camp of the Slovenian national team, and shared his expectations for the resumption of the VTB United League championship.
– Were you already congratulated on your birthday and on the victories of the Slovenian national team in the EuroBasket qualifiers?
– Yes. It was great to hear warm words and wishes. It always adds emotion, especially when these victories were so important. Slovenia won both matches, although we were up against very difficult opponents with strong players.
– Before the team left for Kazan, the club’s president Andrei Vedishchev took a meeting with the players and coaching staff. What was he speaking about?
– He rarely speaks to the team. But when this happens, it always has a very big impact on the guys. Today it was about motivation and attitude for the next part of the season.
– What can you say about the team’s readiness for the resumption of the championship and what do you currently see as the main task of the coaching staff?
– The main thing is that we all need to be together. The first part of the season with its victories and failures is already gone. We have qualified for the playoffs, so now we have other goals that require even greater dedication. The battle for home court advantage in the playoffs begins. We must fight for this, prove that we are a big power in the VTB United League.
– Games between Loko and UNICS are very interesting even to neutral fans. What expectations do you have for the upcoming game?
– We respect our opponents, because they are the current champions of the VTB United League. I agree that our games against UNICS are often very interesting. Like the second game this season, when they had a great first half, but then we took a hard victory. But let me remind you of something: for us the most important game is the next one, regardless of the opponent. We make some conclusions, work on mistakes – but do not look back when the next game starts. This philosophy proved its worth in the playoffs last year, and we still use it now.
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