Andrey Martyuk: “We are ready to win”

After the final training session before leaving for Kazan, the Loko’ center gave a short interview to the club press service.
– How did you like the All-Star Game?
– Ah, the questions on the All-Star Game again! It was quite a cool event. For sure, I wanted to show more. After a while I understand this clearly. But at that moment I was probably more focused on the holiday. I enjoyed all sorts of moments: communicating with players, coaches, meeting many new people.
– Did you intentionally make a poster dunk over DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell at one episode of the All-Star Game? He took it personally.
– Well, actually that wasn’t a poster. I simply scored a dunk. And the fact that it was against DeVaughn happened by chance. The game didn’t go well for me; I wanted to score more confidently. I planned that I’ll be all-starring from the very first minutes. But my legs said “sorry, we’re not ready today, so no domination this time”.
– Okay. Is Kazan for some reasons special for you?
– I like Kazan. Mostly for the fact that we played finals there last spring. I used to really dislike this city, but now I’ve changed my attitude. And UNICS always remains one of our main goals. Even, I think, more important than CSKA. Although, probably, on the same level with CSKA in terms of our attitude.
– Are you ready to play against UNICS?
– Totally. We had some physical training; we improved our on-court communications. The energy and spirit within the team is good and positive. We are ready to win.
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