Jaylen Barford: “Krasnodar will always be my second home”

American guard played his 100th game for Loko in the VTB United league today. He showed great effort, scored 33 points – but that wasn’t enough to defeat UNICS (76:80).
– Do you know that today is your 100th game for Loko?
– Wow, really? I didn't know that!
– What do you feel about it?
– I feel great! You know, this is my first team where I signed multiple years to play. You know, Krasnodar is like a second home to me. So, it will always be home for me and, you know, it feels good to play a hundred games, would be nice to add another hundreds.
– You played very fine today. Are you back on top?
– Oh, I hope so. I needed a little reset. I dropped a few kilos and now I'm back in good shape. So, it feels good to be in good shape right now. Just trying to work hard every play and just, you know, every moment counts in this stage right now because we're getting ready for playoffs. So just trying to stay in shape, be more locked in on defense and offensively to help the team out and hopefully next time we get the win.
– What are your expectations of the game against Yenisey?
– Just be prepared. We know they got two good guards. So, if we could take those two guards, it would be all right. I think we should be good on that game and hopefully be ready for it.
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