Alexander Sekulić: “We have a lot to learn from this game”

The Loko’ head coach shared his thoughts on the away loss to UNICS (76:80).
– What is your statement on this game?
– We started very slowly. Like we were scared and therefore made a lot of losses, after which the opponent scored easy points. Then we managed to level the game and even take the lead. But in the end, we were not accurate enough, and ran out of luck. UNICS was better at execution, so their victory is deserved. We will watch the movie of the game and analyze it. I think not only we, but also everyone who studies this movie will be able to learn many lessons from this recording; everybody can learn a lot from this game.
– How hard is Akoon-Purcell's injury?
– I cannot say exactly .It doesn't look particularly serious. It depends on how quickly his body recovers.
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