Alexander Shcherbenev: “We lacked for two more successful defenses”

The Loko’ guard answered questions at a press conference after the road defeat to UNICS (76:80).
– How can you sum up this game?
– Quite disappointing. We were able to show character and get back into the game after a bad start. But in the end UNICS was more accurate, while we lacked concentration both in attack and defense. In a game with such an opponent, it’s all the little things. We made too much mistakes that did not allow us to win.
– What was the crucial mistake, at your opinion?
– I think, it was when we took the lead by one point a minute and a half before the end of the game. After that, we had to focus and make at least two successful defenses. Instead, we let Nenad Dimitrijević score 2+1, but moreover – then we received an attacking foul.
– It was you who played most of the match against Dimitrijević. How did you manage to make him to commit 4 fouls?
– We know that he is the most important player in UNICS' attacking formations. So, we tried our best to make him tired while defending. We managed to make him get to the bench with 4 fouls and miss most of the 4th quarter. But he scored kind of 18 points in the first half – after such a start it is very difficult to stop a player like him.
– Does UNICS motivate you in any special way?
– Probably, yes. UNICS is definitely a special opponent for us. Also because of the finals of last season. This is a team that always turns a game into a battle. Especially at home. But on this stage of the tournament every game is like a playoff. Everyone wants to win, to rise higher. Therefore, we need to be more focused and try to win matches – like we should do today.
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