Aleksander Sekulić: “Yenisei is tough, especially at home”

We asked the Loko head coach to tell of his thoughts on the tomorrow’s game against Yenisei.
– What do you expect from the game against Yenisei?
– First of all, Yenisei is playing very effective basketball. They showed that they are very tough, especially at home. So, we expect a tough game.
– Yenisei have lost their last home game. Do you feel it may make them more dangerous?
– Sure, because they want to protect the home court. I think they are the team who lost only two or three games at home. There is a reason for it and we expect that they are going to have some kind of a reaction after the tough loss against Perm.
– Yenisei have lost to PARMA, but Jeremiah Martin and Xavier Rathan-Mayes both scored over 20 points. How to stop them?
– It is very hard to stop them completely. So, we must try to limit their effectiveness. Both of them are playing great basketball throughout the season. I believe, that stopping them isn’t an easy job. So, the correct thing is just to try to limit their effectiveness and not to forget also other players. I think they have some other players who are helping them a lot and making sure that they are not alone on the court.
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