Kirill Elatontsev: “It’s nice to play in my hometown of Krasnoyarsk”

For the Loko center, visiting Krasnoyarsk is something special, since he was born and raised in this city. We asked Kirill what he expects from the game with Yenisei and whether he expects personal support from the stands of the Sever Arena.
– What can you say about the opponent?
– Yenisei has a good selection of players, they defend well, they have strong leaders in attack, so it will be a tough game.
– Unlike UNICS, Yenisei plays making accent on the back-court players. How will this change your task for this game?
– The coaches gave us a certain instruction, but I will not disclose it for security reasons. But we have tactics for tomorrow, believe me.
– What can you say about Yenisei centers?
– They have Sergei Balashov, we recently met at the national team, and they have Mikael Hopkins. Balashov is tough, it’s not easy to fight with him in contact. Hopkins is more mobile, throws from afar.
– How does the double away game affect your physical condition?
– Ah, we are already used to such trips, so it has minimal impact on our condition.
– Krasnoyarsk is your hometown. And tomorrow there will probably be your personal fans in the stands. Does this add some responsibility?
– Probably yes. But this is rather nice: the personal support in your hometown; all these relatives, friends, and acquaintances on the stands. Thanks to everyone who’s going to visit tomorrow’s game, I will be very glad to see everyone!
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