Alexander Sekulić: “The game wasn’t as easy as the score says”

The head coach of Loko answered questions from journalists after the victorious road game at Yenisei (101:87).
– What is your statement on this game?
– A very interesting game. It was nice to see so many spectators, they created a wonderful atmosphere. As for the game, we knew what kind of players Yenisei have, we know how much Xavier Rathan-Mayes contributes to his team. And we tried to prepare for this. But in the first half, not everything worked out the way we wanted. We had to adjust the game during the break. Then we managed to defend well several times, and it gave us confidence in attack. The one who sees the final score and decides that the game was easy for us would be mistaken. In fact, it was very difficult for us, and I congratulate my players on this result.
– Yenisei loses the third game in a row, conceding more than 100 points. In this regard, didn’t you have a plan to simply endure the initial onslaught of the opponent, and then just gradually build up the advantage?
– No, not at all! We know the level of Yenisei, not only Rathan-Mayes and Jeremiah Martin are great, but also the rest of the squad. They perform very well as a team all season. This is definitely a Top 6 team. If you make a mistake in tactics against them, they will punish you, which we could see today in the first half. We had to rebuild our game to gain victory. At this stage of the tournament, we are definitely not going to underestimate anyone.
– What can you say about today's Vladislav Yemchenko performance?
– He's had his ups and downs this season. In my opinion, he has now returned to the level he showed at the start of the season, which is a very good level. But today the whole team played very well, everyone who stepped on the court contributed to our victory.
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