Alexander Sekulić: “Fan support can help us a lot”

Loko head coach shared his thoughts on tomorrow’s game against CSKA.
– What do you expect of tomorrow’s game?
– What we are really looking forward to is a full arena. I believe that we're going to have strong support, like we always do, and this can help us a lot.
– What are the strengths of the opponent? What's going to be the major aspect that you're going to follow in this game?
– First of all, not to lose the focus. They're going to for sure come at us aggressive, very hard. They are after a four-game losing streak, so for sure there's going to be some kind of a reaction from their side. So, we're going to try to stay focused and not to lose our head from the beginning.
– Was it enough time for our guys to recover after this long trip?
– Well, there's never enough time to recover after this kind of trip. But I think everybody in the club is trying to do their best to make players comfortable and ready for the game.
– The team executed the game plan finely in the last game, and you won in a very good way. Did it bring more confidence for the boys?
– Every game is a new story. I think we had two good games on the road against UNICS and Yenisei. In one we managed to win, in the other one we were not successful. But we showed what is the correct way to play, especially in the second half. Sometimes you also need to be a little bit more precise and you need to be lucky. But the last game showed us the way how to play, how to react to different defenses. And this is something we are looking forward and trying to build on.
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