Kirill Temirov: “We will try our best to make our fans happy”

In the previous game against CSKA (January 13, 89:85), Temirov was 4th in Loko in terms of efficiency coefficient – next to Akoon-Purcell, Martyuk and Barford. We asked Kirill of how he prepares for a new game versus this opponent.
– How are you preparing for the game against CSKA?
– As usual. We prepare for every opponent the same way. This year in the VTB United League all the teams are equally dangerous, so we set ourselves up for everyone in the same way. And fight to the end.
– Is CSKA really not special for you? The most titled club in the country?
– We try to win every match, no matter who we play against.
– So, what about the atmosphere? A sold-out against CSKA was officially announced in the middle of the week.
– Well, that matters. I tried to buy some tickets a week ago, but there weren’t any. Therefore, we are waiting for our fans. Come support us. We will be happy and try very hard to please you.
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