Aleksander Sekulić: “There are many things that we could’ve done better against CSKA”

Loko head coach commented on the loss to CSKA (82:96, OT).
– How can you summarize the game?
– Very interesting game against very good opponent. Great atmosphere, it’s a joy to play in front of such a crowd. I’ve said that many times, and will say again: thank our fans for the great support! We played against the dangerous team who was on the 4-game losing streak. So, they had a mission to win a game by any means. And their determination was especially shown in the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter, when they were down 10 points, but came back into the game after two quick three-pointers. Even then we more or less had the game under our control. We lost focus for the small amount of the game, and let them even the score with our own mistakes, both offensively and defensively. We still had a chance to win the game with the open shot. I think, there are many things that we could’ve done better. It should be a lesson for us for the upcoming games.
– The next game will be in 10 days. What will the team do all this time?
– First, we will recover from today’s game. Then, we’ll be preparing for the most important part of the season and getting into the best possible form. So, rest and prepare. We are still chasing the best possible spot at the end of the regular season. I think, nothing is decided yet.
– Does the fact that Loko haven’t won over PARMA this season give some extra motivation?
– No. I mean, we must be motivated enough by playing among the Top-6 teams in the VTB league. As I always say – the next game is the most important for us. We need not to think about the previous games, but to focus on what is next. We will have the plan how to defeat PARMA. So, we should find the way to execute this plan.
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