DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell: “My main focus is to lead our team by example”

Loko forward shared his thoughts on the next opponent and the club’s newcomer Patrick Miller.
– This season PARMA defeated Loko twice, and both times you didn't play. Does this make you await of the game against them with some special feelings?
– I mean, no. I guess I was sick one game and injuries are part of the game, so that's why I missed the first two times. But I'm healthy now and ready to play against them. And we just want to win this game.
– How do you think, what's the reason that PARMA changed so much comparing to the previous season?
– Honestly, I don't know. The season is long. There's ups and downs, and, you know, right now they're gelling really well and been playing good. So, my main focus is to make sure that I lead our team by example on them and control what we can control over here. I don't really pay attention to the other team so much.
– Have you seen some highlights of Patrick Miller?
– I actually haven't watched any, but I'm familiar with him as a player from years before. I know a couple of the teams that he played on. I know his game and that's about it.
– Are you glad that he joined Loko?
– Most definitely. I think he'll be an important piece for us to accomplish what we want to accomplish.
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