Alexander Sekulić: “It will be a lot of fight today”

The Loko head coach shared his expectations on today's game against PARMA.
– What is the first thing you focus your team on before the game against such an inconvenient opponent as PARMA?
– There are many factors to keep in mind because their strength is teamwork. Also, they always make hard contact, fight great one-on-one, and rebounding is definitely their strong side. We need to be prepared for this from the first minutes.
– Who in PARMA’s roster, in your opinion, requires increased attention?
– For sure, it’s PARMA's offensive trio: Isaiah Reese, B.J. Johnson, who is having a great season, and CJ Bryce, who gave us a lot of trouble in the October game. Also, Alexander Platunov attacked very well from behind the 3-point line in a recent match against CSKA – 4 out of 5 attempts. Richard Solomon performs well in the paint. They also have players who act with a great dedication – Stanislav Ilnitsky and Ruslan Abdulbasirov. I will say this: PARMA is strong because it takes the most from what they have.
– How optimal is Loko's lineup at the moment?
– Anton Kvitkovskikh is training in the general group, he is not yet 100% ready, but he is able to play. Nevertheless, we shall announce our lineup just before the game.
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