Alexander Sekulić: “Once we started playing with the right intensity, things changed”

The head coach of Loko summed up his thoughts on the difficult victory over PARMA (89:85).
– How would you summarize your team's performance today?
– We struggled to score 3-pointers, even though PARMA allowed us to make the open ones. Despite the low percentage, I can call our offensive performance good. But I cannot say the same about our defense. That’s not about what we did, that’s about how we did it. We knew exactly how PARMA plays and how to counter it, but in the 1st half we should have executed our defensive game plan much better. Once we started playing with the right intensity, things changed.
– PARMA seemed to score quite easy. Do you agree?
– Yes. They know exactly what they need in attack. This allows them to shoot with great confidence – like today, when they scored 67% of 3-pointers. Plus, they play physically. And when you try to resist such a physical game, you rarely look fine. However, we managed to stop them. I'm glad we won. Perm has been playing very good basketball this season. They have experienced players who know how to play hard. And it was very difficult for us to resist them today. Many thanks to the audience, their support helped us a lot today.
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