Dmitry Uzinsky: “UNICS’ signature style is aggressive defense”

The Loko captain talks about what he expects from the game against the reigning champions, UNICS, that will take place tomorrow, March 26.
– UNICS is leading the championship. What can you say about the team, that is known very well both by Loko and you personally?
– You’re right, we know them well and understand what we need to be prepared for. Their signature style is aggressive defensive play from the very first seconds. So, everything will depend on ourselves: how we react to hard contact, how we respond to pressure. If we start collectedly, everything will be fine, if we miss several attacks, problems will arise.
– How much advantage does the home arena give?
– A lot! It's always nice for any team to play at home. And especially for us, with such fans who always drive us forward.
– The match against PARMA turned out difficult both physically and emotionally – it kept suspense during all 40 minutes. Have you recovered?
– Yes, we had enough time. Big thanks to our medical staff – they helped us recover quickly, so we are preparing as usual. We also keep in mind that we lost to UNICS on the road, so it’s time to return the favor. DeVaughn Akun-Purcell was not playing then, but now he is okay, and his skills and energy will be very useful. If we will play for each other, be together for all 40 minutes, then everything will be as it should. The main thing, as I already said, is to play with desire and dedication, to aggressively impose the fight and hard contact. We need to put pressure on the player with the ball so that they don't have the opportunity to score easy points and make decisions that benefit them.
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