Patrick Miller: “I’m ready to help Loko with everything I can”

The Loko most recent newcomer joined the team and had a couple of full training sessions already. Miller spoke to the club's press office about his condition and expectations.
– What are your impressions of your new team?
– I like it. I knew some guys before, but most of them I’ve met for the first time. I'm sure we'll get along good. There is, you know, a feeling that I have known all of them for a long time. The atmosphere is very welcoming. I’m comfortable, and when I’m comfortable, everything goes much better.
– With what emotions did you start training here?
– I was glad to start training. There’s a lot of work to do. I hadn’t slept the night I arrived because of jet lag, but I want to smile nevertheless. That's the kind of person I am. But you won’t see me smiling on the court; during the game I am totally serious.
– How hard is your jet lag?
– Just a couple of weeks ago I was in Australia. Then I brought my family to USA, spent some time with my mom and my wife’s family. And now I'm here. So, I guess I've traveled a lot lately.
– When will you play for Loko?
– First, I need to finish with the doctors. I took medical tests for two days in a row, and today I underwent a total health examination. At the same time, my permits are being completed. The club does everything for me to debut for Loko as soon as possible.
– But what can you say about your condition and your adaptation to Sekulić’s coaching schemes?
– Despite a little jet lag, I’m getting into the right rhythm, and I feel ready to help the team with everything I can. I’m on my way to know the combinations. Everything is well organized here; the staff is great; the guys are great, as I’ve said. The head coach talks a lot to me directly. Everyone is doing everything to ensure that I integrate into the processes as quickly as possible.
– What do you know about your future opponents?
– I started studying the VTB United League as soon as it became clear that I would continue my career at Loko. I study whole teams and specific players. Some of them are familiar to me, and I can say for sure that there are many good players here. But I have enough experience playing European basketball, so I know what to expect and this will definitely be a good help. Playing against strong teams is a big challenge, but I’m ready for it, I like it. I'm looking forward to playing.
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