Aleksander Sekulić: “We managed to use our advantage in speed”

The Loko head coach commented on the victory against UNICS (90:82).
– What are your emotions at the moment?
– We won the game, but I don’t think it’s time to celebrate. Even despite our great fan support which was awesome as usual. After this tragedy in Moscow, it’s really tough to enjoy the victory. But I admit that for us it is the very important win – both in terms the way we played and with whom we played. For us it was very important to start the game in the right way. We took the lead and continued throughout the game. There were some downs, but in the end with the team effort we found the way to win. There are 2 things I’d like to point out. First, we have to be honest and say that UNICS due to injuries played with a shorter rotation then usually. So, it was a little bit easier for us to play in the 4th quarter, Second, they shot the ball from the 3-point line amazingly – with more than 60% accuracy.
– What did you say to the team when UNICS took the lead in the 3rd quarter?
– At that time, they were playing big lineup – with all three bigs on the floor: Ismael Bako, Jalen Reynolds and Louis Labeyrie. They slowed us down; we lost the flow in the offence. We just stuck into them with the ball. I told them to play basketball, to move the ball, to outrun them. Okay, they have advantage in size. So, we must use our advantage in speed. And we managed to do this in the 4th quarter.
– What can you say about Patrick Miller’s debut?
– He is experiences and he knows how to get into the game with the new team in the correct way. He’s a smart good guy, he showed his quality. I am satisfied with his first game. His impact was just great.
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