Kirill Yelatontsev: “I never worry. I know that we are able to win any game”

In the victorious game against UNICS (90:82), the Loko center made a great job: 12 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists.
– What are your impressions of the game?
– The impressions are good, it’s always nice to beat UNICS. I think we played well in defense today, especially against their leaders. That was the thing that helped us win.
– You often played personally against Jalen Reynolds. What can you say about his 5 three-pointers out of 6 attempts?
– It's hard to be prepared for this. This happens when someone has a really hot hand. But at the end we won, so everything is fine.
– Were you worried when UNICS took the lead?
– I never worry. I know that if we give 100% in defense and attack, we are able to win any game.
– What did the coach say during the big break?
– He told us to continue acting even tougher. So that they would not be allowed to seize the initiative.
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