Aleksander Sekulić: “I expect very interesting game”

The Loko head coach shared his thoughts on tomorrow’s game against CSKA.
– This trip to Moscow is the first one in a while for Loko. Did you miss trains, planes?..
– No. We didn’t miss this at all. But, as I always say, we planned this trip very good, so the player aren’t tired much.
– This game is very important for CSKA. Are you prepared for their extra motivation?
– Well, it’s also very important for us. We want to win too. All games against CSKA this season were very interesting, so I expect the same tomorrow. We’ll see.
– What can you tell about their weaknesses and strengths?
– They have new addition to the team, Olivier Hanlan. We saw him. He didn’t play against us in Krasnodar, but I think he’s playing very good lately. They have very good lineup of the foreigners, and some experienced Russian players also – Kurbanov made two very good threes against us. So, they have a good roster with deep bench.
– Is everyone ready to play?
– Yes, everyone.
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