Aleksander Sekulić : “We want to show that we are ready for this game”

The Loko head coach spoke about the mood with which the team is approaching today's game against PARMA.
– What can you say about the strengths of PARMA?
– I think I can say enough when I tell that we lost 2 times to PARMA already. And in the last game we won. So, it would be a very interesting game. They have great team that plays good together, they know their advantages and they try to use them smartly.
– Will the victory over UNICS boost their confidence?
– Sure. Not only against UNICS, but against everybody. They play good, especially at the home court where they have so loud fans. For sure they gonna come out even more motivated after the big win in Kazan. But we also came here not for vacation. We want to play our basketball the best possible way and to show that we are ready for this game.
– What are the lessons the players should learn after the loss in Moscow?
– Okay, we always say – you win or you learn. We played against the good team, CSKA. We didn’t play against some small team. So, it’s very important to understand that things we did not do good we need to do better. The most important thing is that we need to play much better as a team. To share the ball more, to move the ball more. In general, we can’t depend on one player
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