Vladislav Yemchenko: “At every position PARMA has a player that is good at something”

The Loko guard shared his thoughts regarding the next opponent.
– What do you think is the reason that PARMA plays so well this season?
– I think there are several components to this. Starting from a good roster and team selection. Team interactions and the coaching hand are also visible. And the fans. There's no secret that the support in Perm is one of the loudest, the stands always try to help them, cheer up their team. We know this moment. I think that together these details give the result that PARMA is surprising this season.
– If we talk about the leaders of PARMA, who can you point out? And how do you plan to deal with these players?
– Oh, that's a provocative question! Well... Most of the minutes in PARMA are played by 7 guys. And there is no such thing that one person stands out every game. At every position they have a player who is good at something. Everyone knows their roles, Russian guys, Americans. So? I think they are strong both individually and as a team. I won’t point out anyone, because everyone can show a good game. But it is not just one player who wins, it's always the team. Therefore, we must be better as a team in this game. All is in our hands.
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