Okaro White: “We know what kind of team Zenit is”

The Loko forward spoke about the preparations for tomorrow's game, and also once again showed that he is always up to date with the actual sporting events, including quite unexpected ones.
– How does the preparation to Zenit go?
– It’s going like normal. We prepare the same to every game. So, I think it goes more or less normal. As a professionals, we know what kind of team they are. Both teams know what’s on the line. I think it’s a big game.
– In a previous game Zenit won with quite a large margin. Does this give you additional motivation?
– I fouled out of that game early in the 3rd quarter. And that’s when they went on the big margin. So, we didn’t have our full roster. Me personally, I don’t think it’s a true score.
– Do you expect a lot of spectators tomorrow?
– Yes. A lot. Any time we play the team of Top-4 in Russia, I think there would be a big crowd regardless. Krasnodar football team plays Zenit at Saturday. I think it’s a big additional motivation for the city of Krasnodar.
– Do you watch March madness?
– I didn’t watch a lot. I actually watch more girls this year than men. But I started watching men at Elite 8 round.
– Who will win at your opinion, UConn or Purdue?
– I think, Purdue is set to win. Yeah, I will say Purdue with their big guys.
– How do you feel like when you meet a lot of young basketball players who want to make pictures with you?
– Oh, that’s good. You feel that you’ve done something good that the people want to be around you. As a kid, I didn’t have some guys that we were able to get close to when we wanted to. So, it’s good to see the kids and say “hi”. Maybe that made their day.
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