Dmitry Uzinskiy: “With the support of the home stands, we can defeat anyone”

The Loko captain analyzed the strengths of Zenit, the game against which is tomorrow.
– How is the mood in the team?
– The mood is fighting. We know that we can overrun Zenit if we win, so we are preparing to do this in front of our beloved fans.
– What, in your opinion, are Zenit's strengths?
– They have a lot of individually strong players and a deep roster. At the same time, they play team basketball very well. In general, the opponent is hard, but we know how to defeat them.
– So, how?
– To do what our coaches say and to stay focused until the final siren. To back up each other in defense and to move ball better in attack. With the support of the home stands, we can defeat Zenit, and, in general, any opponent. So, I invite everyone to the gametomorrow! See you at Basket Hall, Lokofamily!
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