Alexander Sekulić: “To beat Zenit, we need to keep focus for entire 40 minutes”

The Loko head coach shared his expectations for the upcoming game against Zenit.
– What can you say about Zenit?
– Today we will face the most successful team of the Top 6 stage. They also have won the VTB United League Super Cup and the Russian Cup. So, they are the best in the league at the moment.
– How much will the loss of Bojan Dubljević affect their game?
– They have a great selection of players who have played in the Euroleague, and also Zenit has one of the best coaches in Europe, Xavier Pascual. Their result proves that they know how to cope with the absence of players, even the leading ones.
– What should Loko do to defeat them?
– We need to play our game. We have already proven that we can beat Zenit. The most important thing is to keep concentration for the entire 40 minutes of the meeting. Because this opponent will immediately punish you for losing focus.
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