Aleksander Sekulić : “This game showed that we can defeat anybody”

Loko head coach have spoken about the reason of loss to Zenit (86:91).
– What is your main statement on the game?
– Big respect to Zenit, they are the great team and played well today. I think we also played well and deserved a victory. Zenit fought hard, but we also fought hard. So, I feel sorry for the players. We all know the quality of that team. The big shot from Kyle Kuric that made them lead at the end of the game was really great. We learned today that Sergey Karasev is a great defensive player, because we fouled on him twice in attack in the 4th quarter. But for sure we need to watch inside ourselves, inside our team. We made too many mistakes today. I believe that we can minimize them. I just hope that everybody will analyze this game and take a correct lesson as we always do.
– What is the main lesson from this game at your opinion?
– That we can defeat anybody in this league.
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