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The game against Yenisei will be eco-themed

The VTB United League, alongside with SIBUR, is holding a series of eco-games in the 2023/24 season. One of them will be played tomorrow’s – it's Loko vs Yenisei.

On the matchday, a special eco-zone will be working in the lobby of the Basket Hall, where anyone can take part in activations dedicated to ecology and basketball. You may:
• give a second life to batteries and plastic bottle caps by recycling them;
• answer eco-quiz questions;
• take a photo as a superhero saving the planet.

So bring your dead batteries and plastic bottle caps. By the way, it will be especially interesting with the caps: with the help of a special bicycle shredder you can grind them into a beautiful coloured pendant!

The eco-zone will open in the Basket Hall lobby at 2 PM and close by the beginning of the third quarter of the game.

VTB United League is actively supporting environmental initiatives. Together with the League’s long-term partner, SIBUR, we have implemented many successful eco-projects. For example, back in 2018, we presented the first eco-ball made from recycled plastic. Today, the official ball of the League is the updated Ecoball 2.0, which became the first Russian ball to receive a top-level certificate from FIBA.

Support Loko and contribute to the environment!

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