Alexander Sekulić: “It’s not easy to beat PARMA three times in a row”

The head coach of Loko commented on the Thord win in a row over PARMA (82:54) which led the Krasnodar team into semifinals.
Alexander Sekulić, the head coach of Lokomotiv Kuban PBC

We reached the semi-finals, and this is the main thing today. We successfully played all three games against the most serious opponent we could have faced in the quarterfinals. PARMA had a great regular season and deservedly took fifth place. But we found ways to defend against them and to build our attack effectively. Guys completed all that we told them, so I am proud of the team and how they coped with the task. I told them to enjoy this victory. It is not easy to beat PARMA three times in a row with such a large margin. The team played with energy, so I want them to enjoy a little bit after a very difficult series that took a lot of energy. Now it is important to recover, heal microtraumas, have a good rest and prepare for the semi-finals.

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